Shipment of human remains

In order to ship human remains to France, you must provide this Consulate General with the following documents :
· A certified copy of the death certificate issued by the Department of Public Health (Registrar of the County where death occurred),
· If the deceased was a French citizen : a certified copy of the French death certificate issued by the Consulate general of France in Los Angeles. Please see for more information.
· A permit for disposal of human remains issued by the Department of Public Health,
· A medical certificate issued by the coroner or the County Health Officer, stating the cause of death, and that it was not related to any contagious disease,
· An authorization filled out by a relative or the person legally appointed to request the shipment of human remains; duly signed.

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· A permit for burial ("permis d’inhumer") issued by the French Municipality,
· An affidavit from the funerarium stating that the remains are properly embalmed and encased.
Kindly arrange an appointment at least two days in advance, with an officer of this Consulate General, for the sealing of the casket to be performed in Houston :
Be aware that the law requires for the consular officer to conduct a visual search of the inside of the casket before putting the seal.

Last modified on 05/01/2018

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