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From Wednesday June 10 2015, NO PHONE CALL to the visa section will be answered. Please send your questions by EMAIL ONLY.


If you provide a FEDEX envelop to receive your passport at your residence’s address, this envelop MUST mention:

From: your address (NOT the address of the French Consulate)
To: your address


1. General Information

IMPORTANT : American citizens DO NOT NEED visas if they stay less than 90 days.

You have to apply with the French Consulate in Houston, only if you study or reside in one of the following states :Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. If this is not your case,click here.

AN APPOINTMENT PER PERSON IS MANDATORY. Read the instructions and book online by clicking here.


Applications cannot be processed more than 3 months ahead of time.

2. Do you need a visa?

The "visitor" visa (or visa "D") allows you to enter France and stay for more than three months.
You can apply for a visitor visa if you have sufficient means to live in France without working (sabbatical year, retirement…)
Also special rules apply
- a. if you are a citizen of Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco
- b. for family members of aFrench citizen or of anEuropean Union citizen;

Word - 32 kb
European Union
(Word - 32 kb)

3. Processing time

The average processing time is 10 business days if you have all the required documents on the day of the interview.

Applications cannot be processed more than 3 months ahead of time.

4. Documents required

Please provide us with the original + copies of each document. The visa section does not make any copies, you must bring your documents and the required number of copies.

1. Original passport or travel document (+ ONE COPY of the identity pages). Your passport must have been issued less than 10 years ago, be valid for at least three months after your return to the US and have at least 2 blank visas pages left.

2. Processing fee

3. One application form in FrenchOR in English filled out completely and signed by the applicant. NO COPY.

4. One residence formduly filled out (upper part only)

5. One ID picture (white background, full face, no glasses nor hat, closed mouth).

6. ATTENTION!!! Proof of medical coverage : you must present a letter from your insurance company stating that you are covered for repatriation, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospitalization or death, with a minimum coverage amount of 50,000 USD. This coverage must be valid for the Schengen States or worldwide, and indicate your name and dates of coverage. The medical insurance company must pay directly the providers. A medical insurance with a 0 deductible is strongly recommended.
For all the details, please click on the document below:

Word - 15.6 kb
Proof of medical coverage abroad
(Word - 15.6 kb)

Important, new: children under 18 years old who are studying in a French school must get liability insurance during their all studies in France.

Visa applications without the proper proof of medical insurance abroad will not be processed.

7. A non criminal record certificate to be obtained at the police’s office of the city of residence

8. Deed of your house/appartment in France

9. Financial guarantee such as
- Letter from your bank indicating the balance of your 2 last bank statements;
- Justification of retirement pensions;
- A notarized declaration of your sponsor stating that he/she will be responsible for all your expenses and a proof of his/her assets. The sponsor should be a French resident with close family ties with the visa applicant.

10. A note, dated and signed by the applicant, stating that he/she does not intend to have in France a paid professional activity which requires a work permit.

11. If you are not a U.S. citizen: A valid U.S. permanent residence card ("green card") or a valid U.S. visa with valid I-94 or valid I-20 (original + 1 photocopy) or an Advanced Parole (+ 1 copy) Individuals with a U.S.A. Applicant must bring the original green card or US VISA toghether with photocopies of those documents too.

NB. Holders of a refugee travel document cannot apply for a long stay visa.

12. If you cannot come back to the Consulate to pick up your passport and your visa (the Consulate will keep your passport during the processing time), you will need to provide, at the time of the application, a self-addressed prepaid envelope with a tracking number (FEDEX, UPS, EXPRESS MAIL). FEDEX envelope with you account number and FEDEX Ground envelopes are NOT accepted. You may use one envelope per family if you buy “flat rate”.

Please keep your tracking number on the envelope so that you can check the status of your package delivery. The Consulate is not responsible for losses. You will have to fill out all the information on the prepaid envelope:

Your full name
Your address

Your full name
Your address

Envelopes with the Consulate as Sender will not be accepted.

5. Important information

- The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.

- Please be aware that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa.

- Please note that holders of visas are still subject to immigration control upon first entry into France. The visa itself does not grant the right to enter France.

If you still have any question, please contact the visa section at the following e-mail address

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