Visa for the spouse of a European Union citizen

From Wednesday June 10 2015, NO PHONE CALL to the visa section will be answered. Please send your questions by EMAIL ONLY.


If you provide a FEDEX envelop to receive your passport at your residence’s address, this envelop MUST mention:

From: your address (NOT the address of the French Consulate)
To: your address

Please note that you are required to book an appointment online to apply for a visa at the Consulate General of France in Houston.
No appointment will be given by phone under any circumstances.

1.For a short stay

You have to apply for a Schengen visa but there are a few differences:

- the visa is free of charge
- You do not need to bring proofs of your professionnal status or your financial means
- Instead, please bring your marriage certificate (a translation of your marriage certificate in English or French if it was delivered in any other language than those two) and a proof of European nationality of the spouse (+ copy)

Please visit this page for the other documents and to book an appointment.

2.For a long stay

For a stay of more than 3 months, you need a visa to enter and live in France if you are the legal spouse (marriage certificate) or child (under 18y.o.) of a citizen of the European Union.

However, you will have to apply for the residence permit ("carte de séjour pour membre de famille d’un ressortissant européen") within 2 months of entry into France, at the Préfecture of city of residence.

Note that it is always advisable to contact the Préfecture BEFORE leaving the U.S., in order to get a complete list of documents to provide to apply for such permit.

Last modified on 09/06/2015

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