The Office for Science and Technology

The Office for Science and Technology is a service of the French Embassy in the United States which teams up 8 scientific attachés with a good experience in research and who occupied different positions in the universities or research centers in France.
There are joined in their mission by a dozen young scientists. About thirty people are under the responsibility of the Counselor for Science and Technology who reports directly to the Ambassador. This team serves the interests of all the French actors in science and technology: universities, “grande écoles”, research centers, agencies, companies, industries…

The Office for Science and Technology aims at promoting and developing partnerships between American and French universities. Different tools (grants, event organization) are used to support the exchanges in the six branches which cover all the country: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Depending on the scientific environment, each branch specializes in a national topic while covering all disciplines. The Science Service in Houston covers four states: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It follows all the science, innovation, and higher education activities in this area. It also covers at a national level the research activities in the fields of nanotechnology, material sciences, and more broadly physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

The Scientific Service in Houston aims:
- to identify and establish relationships with the institutions of higher education and research (universities, national research laboratories or private research institutions);
- to support partnerships and common projects between French and American universities;
- to circulate information on higher education and research in France;
- to monitor technological innovation;
- to animate a network of French scientists residing in the area.

Contacts :

Alain MERMET, Attaché for Science and Technology
Phone : 713 985 3262
Fax : 713 572 2914

Olivier TARDIEU, Deputy Attaché for Science and Technology
Phone : 713 985 3297
Fax : 713 572 2914

Last modified on 12/09/2018

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