School pairing or ”appariement”

An “appariement” creates an official, state-approved link between two schools. “Appariements” often supplement pre-existing partnerships.
The procedure for establishing an “appariement” is as follows: The French school must send an official “appariement” request to the American school, and this request must go through both the French school’s Académie (the equivalent of a school district in the U.S.) and the French Embassy. The request must invite the American school to confirm by letter that it is willing to establish an official partnership with the French school. The American school send this letter and an additional form to the French Embassy. Although a French school is not required to have an official “appariement” in order to benefit from a relationship with an American school, it can be beneficial in that an official “appariement” often allows the French school to receive regional financial support that is contingent, in part, on the partnership’s official status. An “appariement” can also help alleviate insurance problems.
You will the application form below.

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