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The Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate general of France in Houston publishes a newsletter every other month in English and French. Find out what happened recently in Nanotechs in the US as well as (...)
  • Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter #2 - November 2014

    Welcome to the November issue of this Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter !
    The highlights of this edition are the benefits of nanotechnology in medicine in the United States : Penn State College of Medicine studied a new way to deliver drug in cancer cells, the Houston Methodist Research Institute will receive $1,92 million to develop an implantable device that delivers therapeutic drugs remotely and Google unveiled his project to work on a cancer and heart attack detector. In France, scientists focused on developing new nanoparticles’ properties : the Institut Marie Curie achieved in creating particles that are fluorescent and magnetic and the CEMES studied plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles chains.
    Enjoy your reading !

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  • Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter #1 - September 2014

    La rentrée universitaire s’accompagne généralement de nouveaux projets et c’est pour cette raison que le Service pour la Science et la Technologie à Houston a choisi ce moment pour vous annoncer avec grand (...)

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